Souljam is a jam band made up of five musicians:

  • Will Keehner, bass

  • Anna Keehner, lead vocals/guitar

  • Patrick Williams, drums

  • Brandon Putzke, percussion

  • John Carpenter, lead guitar/vocals

We play select cover tunes and write and perform our own material as well. Even when we’re playing material by other bands and writers, creativity and self expression lie at our core. While we hover within parameters familiar to fans of classic rock or those acquainted with The Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, and The Tedeschi Trucks Band, we want our listeners to be stimulated by the new and exciting rather than hypnotized by the tried and true.


Our History


Will Keehner, Anna Keehner, and John Carpenter met at Pineapple Joe’s in Ft. Pierce, FL late in 2014. Attracted to one another by a shared obsession with jam bands, the three came together and added Brandon Putzke on drum set shortly thereafter, playing their first gig in November 2014. In late March 2017, the band added Patrick Williams who now plays drum set, with Brandon now playing percussion. 

Souljam plays regularly at premier venues in Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, and Sebastian, including: Orchid Island Brewery, Waldo’s, Kilted Mermaid, Walking Tree Brewery, Sailfish Brewery, and Pareidolia Brewery.

We've developed our style quickly. Always dedicated to performing and growing as a unit and seeking to deliver the best performance possible for each and every gig.

Once we developed a solid repertoire of cover songs we all liked, we began adding originals written by Anna and John. Both are experienced composers, so there is plenty of material to draw upon.




While we prefer to let our music do the talking, we do tend to wear some of our influences on our sleeve; most notably The Allman Brothers, Tedeschi Trucks, Widespread Panic, The Grateful Dead, and Umphrey's McGee. Anna sings most of the lead vocals while John sings backup, but on some tunes that role is reversed. Since most of our influences had/have different instrumentation, we are pushed to be creative in how we arrange songs and use our instruments.

When you come to see us, expect lots of interplay between the band members. Expect sweet vocals from Anna and mutually supportive ensemble playing from all, but also inspired and sometimes lengthy solos from all band members. Especially when we play covers, we pay homage to our musical heroes but eschew slavish imitation. Our oldest member is over thirty years the elder of our youngest. Because of that, we relate to music and other cultural reference points from a cross-generational perspective.

Most importantly, not only do we love playing music that we all enjoy, but we love playing music with each other. That gratitude and pure joy comes through in our sound and our vibe.


Our goals?

We released our first album titled, "Where Are We Going?" in August of 2018. We've continued to write more original music and have begun working on our 2nd album.

We plan to expand our gigging range around Florida in the coming year, and ultimately we’d like to begin playing more festivals and opening for the bands that have inspired us.